McQuay Corporation


Vector Automation was introduced to the McQuay Corporation thru one of our machine distributors located in Wisconsin.

The problem was that McQuay had already installed a roll form machine for the purpose of producing structural channels used in the commercial HVAC business. After running the channels for several months McQuay decided that they had to weld the channels together so as to increase the structural strength of the channels.

That is where Vector Automation came in on the project. We decided that laser welding of the channels on the fly within the roll former was the best way to accomplish what McQuay wanted to do.

We retrofitted their roll former with an IPG Fiber laser and our control system that allowed the channels to be welded while in the process of being roll formed. The welds were stich welds about 1 inch long every 6 to 8 inches depending on the product being produced. By doing the welding while roll forming we reduced any secondary operations that might have been created if the welding was done after roll forming.