Oil and Gas

Vector Automation supports suppliers of the oil and gas related industries by providing technical engineering and manufacturing for the automation of these services.

Vector Automation is an integrator for Trumph, IPG, and Coherent Lasers. Vector supplies oil and gas related suppliers with automated laser systems that perform the following functions:

These services can be utilized in the manufacturing of perforation tubes, any pump rebuilding, and machining operations or oil and gas related equipment sent in for repairs or rebuilding.

Additionally, Vector can provide automated solutions for unmanned operations, as discussed in this article.

Vector also supplies automated welding equipment that can be used in the repair or rebuilding of oil and gas related equipment.

We can also supply laser equipment for the decommissioning process which would be faster than traditional methods used today.

Vector is a major supplier of automated manufacturing equipment for FMC Corporation and works with other companies in the industry.

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