Support Services

The VECTOR Service Philosophy

At VECTOR, we believe that the sale is the beginning, not the end, of customer relations. The VECTOR Service Philosophy means we stand by our products and we support the people who use them.


Operator proficiency is essential for maximum efficiency of your robotic system. Your employees play a vital role in project success. A properly trained operator improves productivity, decreases downtime, reduces manufacturing costs and maintains a safety environment.

Proficiency comes from experience. At VECTOR, our training is designed to provide your people experience, not lectures. We provide a hands-on program that allows one-on-one instruction. Ongoing interaction between pupils and instructors is the key to the success of VECTOR’S training programs.

VECTOR offers the following training programs:

  • Basic Robot Programming
  • Advanced Robot Operation
  • Robot Maintenance
  • PLC Programming
  • Robot Master Training

We also provide custom-designed courses for individual customer needs.


What sets VECTOR apart? Knowledge and flexibility. We understand the welding environment and process, and what it takes to successfully produce a welded assembly. 28 years of experience has made us foremost in delivering turnkey arc-welding fixtures for a variety of applications.

There are two basic ways to measure an arc-welding fixture: what it is and what it does. We design our welding fixtures to hold up under a harsh environment for the expected usage and duration of its life. To withstand the welding elements, a fixture must not only be made of appropriate materials, but designed to shield sensors and wiring.

The weld fixture must produce an assembly that consistently meets the required part tolerances. Our fixture designs provide known locating points with appropriate adjustments. Proper weld joint access is critical. We guarantee access to welds that accomplish high weld quality.


At VECTOR Automation Technologies, we believe that good business is more than just smoothly running machines. Our engineering department will help you evaluate your next manufacturing project with:

• Part D\design review

• Process development

• Cycle time analysis

• System concept solutions

Whatever your needs, VECTOR engineers will devise a solution that not only suits your application, but your business climate. It’s all part of the VECTOR Service Philosophy.