Robotic Laser Cladding

Through the process of laser cladding, robots can be used to repair damaged or worn surfaces. The laser cladding process can also be used to modify or tailor the surface of a part to provide improved corrosion or wear protection.

How it Works

Laser cladding is accomplished through a welding process which is similar to thermal spraying. It uses a powdered metal as the stock which is then applied to the substrate material to either either enhance or protect its surface. It can also be used effectively to restore or reclaim damaged properties. If differs from thermal spraying in that it uses a focused laser as the  heat source. This provides a superior bond between the applied materials often surpassing the strength of the original substrate. By automating this process with robotics, a company can improve time efficiency and eliminate many safety concerns.

Vector Automation provides robotic laser cladding solutions using Trumpf, Coherent and IPG laser power supplies.

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